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♥ Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors ♥

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annyeonghaseyo !

demam korea pe.. haha ! maklum la, sekarang tengah syok

 layan drama korea

tajuk "Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors"  best jugak 

citer ni :)) layan jelaa..

orang yang tak berani tengok darah pon tengok cite ni.. 


cerita ni pasal doktor sakit puan..yang paling penting ade 

Joong Ki ! hewhew

main characters : Jang Seo Hee & Go Joo Won

Oh My Joong Ki ! 

sinopsys copy & paste :
Seo Hye Young (Jang Seo Hee) is a talented second-year
 obstetrician, but when a patient desperate to abort her second child, begs her to perform the surgery, she reluctantly agrees. She's promptly blacklisted and transferred from a prestigious hospital in Seoul to an obscure country hospital. To make things worse, she realizes that she herself is pregnant from a relationship with a married man. Rebuilding her life in the wake of these events, Hye Young struggles to keep her pregnancy secret from her co-workers. She clashes with Lee Sang Shik (Go Joo Won), a pediatrician at the new hospital, while an old friend, Wang Jae Sook (Suh Ji Suk), re-enters her life.

bye stalkers ! 
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